“After I fractured my shoulder and completed seven months of physical therapy, I had made progress but still had pain, stiffness and limited range of motion in that arm. My PT had told me that this was what I should expect to live with as an end result. Very thankfully, I found Brian, who over the course of only a few months brought me to the point where I often forget I had ever suffered a severe injury. Not only for injury rehab, Z-health has also brought me an overall improvement in conditioning, balance, flexibility and strength throughout the body. I’m calmer and more confident about working toward my physical potential as an athlete. I’m impressed with Z-health, which I’d not previously heard of. I’m even more impressed with Brian, whose understanding of the body is in-depth. At the same time, he’s gifted at explaining and physically demonstrating concepts in an understandable way. I would recommend working with him to anyone who wants to recover from an injury or work toward peak performance as an athlete–and he taught me that we’re all athletes!”

Nancy BarronWriter

“I am a 64-year old Vietnam Veteran and former MBTA motorman with a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. I first met Brian Muccio 3 years ago at the Yang Martial Arts Association in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  We clicked upon first meeting as I was immediately attracted to his form of instruction.  He sensed that I needed to curb my energy which I have a habit of all-too-often displaying in anger.  He also had a keen eye of observance that detected my tense and out of sync body movements.  He knew he had his hands full as to how to help me unwind and become more in tune with my emotions and my understanding of my body and movement.  He started me out with classes based in Taijiquan, Qigong, and Qin Na (joint locking) and then we moved on to Zhealth Training, which incorporates multiple phases of body movements.

Brian has always been respectful and patient with me.  He has a gentle way of correcting my wrongs and encouraging my accomplishments so that I have not been discouraged by incorrect techniques, but instead am optimistic in achieving higher levels of performance. Brian’s style of instruction has worked well for me because he explains in depth the principles behind the exercises in which we engage, and thereby I’m  inspired to adapt to the movements he teaches, with the goals of having greater self-awareness, discipline, flexibility, power, speed, balance, and longevity.”

Bill KeyesRetired Red Line T Operator

“Brian is masterful in the fusion of Traditional Martial Arts with today’s science of movement.  I have trained in many different styles of Martial Arts such as Kungfu, Tai Chi, Baguazhang and Tae Kwon Do. I’ve dabbled in different exercise programs to enhance my ability in the Martial Arts.  Until I met Brian, I’ve never really understood the “Neuro-Muscular” connection of the human body and how it can enhance, or impede movement in sports activity. He has extensive understanding in the Chinese Martial Arts, due to his seeking out of some of the world’s top Masters. Whether it is self-defense techniques encompassing every range of fighting, or Qigong (energy work) and meditation, Brian conveys his knowledge in real world terms, so the student understands it for himself.

Since training with Brian, I have actually just now begun to understand how my body is supposed to move in a more efficient manner, so that I can move more freely, whether in Martial Arts, or everyday movement, such as walking down the street!  By working out the “bugs” in my nervous system, I’ve noticed cleaner movement in everything that I do.  This results in less aches and pains, from old sports injuries, work fatigue, bad posture, or the old excuse of “just getting older”. For the past two years I’ve worked under Brian learning Chen style Tai Chi and Z-health Performance, as well as, Qigong and Meditation.”

John JacobsRoyal Air Technologies Owner and Martial Artist

“Brian is an extremely talented and a compassionate teacher.  My mom had severe pain due to arthritis and was hardly able to walk at the age of 59. Brian’s Z health training came to the rescue when we were wondering what my mom’s future was going to be with such poor physical health; and how she is going to carry on her daily activities. Within 2 months of personal training and attention from Brian, my mom made tremendous progress with her mobility and her overall well-being.

Brian paid attention to smallest of details and made sure she can continue doing her exercises when she is back home in India.  My mother feels stronger, more confident and much more flexible than ever before.  Also, special credits to him for being very compassionate and kind in his communication, as my mom is not very comfortable speaking English. Brian truly cares for his students, is very knowledgeable, has great energy and the Z-health was truly a miracle medicine for my mom who is now leading a perfectly normal life like everyone else.”

Shiva KashalkarInternational Telecom

“In October 2011, after trying to catch our runaway dog, I developed weakness, pain, and numbness down my right leg. For two months I was unable to sleep or sit.  An MRI showed a 2 inch herniation of the L3-L4 lumbar disk and after several steroid injections and physical therapy, I was sleeping through most of the night but I couldn’t bend over or do much physical activity. I didn’t have any hope of returning to my regular workout schedule. I had become de-conditioned and overweight. When I was a surgical resident I assisted in enough back surgeries that it would be the last thing to which I would resort.

Through a friend I had discovered Brian. He had helped people in similar situations and suggested that I was a good candidate for the Z-Health approach.  I learned that Z-Health was created by an orthopedic specialist and chiropractor to overcome his severe spinal hyperkyphosis. Brian emphasized that this system does NOT subscribe to the “no pain no gain” mentality, but the exact opposite.  And, with that in mind I was very excited to forge ahead. Brian lived up to my expectation in every respect. He taught me how to move and control my body without going into pain. The program involved first the mastery of highly controlled motion of every joint at very slow speeds so as to rebuild the kinesthetic map in my brain. And second, to combine the individual motions into more complex movements at higher rates of speed; to mimic real life events and sports.

The program did come to a halt once. I had a bad tumble on black ice and wrenched my shoulder. Brian took me through several targeted ‘nerve glides’ that had me lifting my arm over my head within a few sessions.

My back is now fully healed, and at the age of 46 I have no problem doing squats, dead lifts, or pressing weights overhead.   My back pain is gone. And, though I had never been successful in any sport I tried, I had always wanted to learn to fence since I was very small. I now felt confident enough to try.  Actually, throughout my youth I had been entirely graceless and clumsy in every sport, but that was simply no longer true.  A year ago I would not have believed that I would now be training to fence competitively.  I continue to work with Brian regularly as his training adds incalculably to improve my fencing and my overall health. Frankly, Brian and the Z-Health system was a godsend.”

Henri Tannas, M.D.Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon

“In July of 2012 I woke up one day and could barely move as I had pinched a nerve in my back.  It turns out I had 5 protruding discs in my lower back, a crooked pelvis as well as arthritis in my thoracic spine.  The doctors immediately put me on pain killers (of course) which caused severe dizziness so I had to stop taking them. Traditional PT worked up to a certain point but I always felt a knot in my lower right back, my right leg was weak and after a while, improvements in my pain and physical abilities stopped.  Skiing, which I loved, was difficult and I had thought that I might have to stop.  Standing for any length of time in my shop was uncomfortable and sitting wasn’t all that much better.  At the urging of my wife’s Kung-Fu teacher, (and to be blunt, out of desperation) I contacted Brian and made an appointment to try Z-Health.  After seeing my x-ray and MRI reports and doing some physical tests, Brian started working with me.  The results have been pretty miraculous.  The knot in my back is gone, my leg strength is coming back, I walk more relaxed, I’m becoming more flexible and I am back to skiing full days again.  Standing full days in my shop is possible once again.  Brian is thorough in his knowledge of body mechanics and is easy to work with.  At the age of 58 I’m moving far better than I have been able to in years. Thank you Brian!”

Jim KirkerMusician/Ski Instructor