Z-Health® is a high tech, cutting-edge performance and rehabilitation system that was designed expressly for retraining your nervous system; offering an ultra-fast approach to getting rid of pain, optimizing your health, and maximizing your physical performance.

What makes Z-Health so unique is its focus on the human nervous system and that it has reverse- engineered what world-class athletes do naturally.  It looks at all areas of health and fitness from rehabilitation, strength, stamina, joint mobility, skill development, coordination, nutrition, vision, recovery, and more.

​Develop healthy movement patterns that prevent

  • Poor or worsening posture
  • Wear and tear of tissues
  • Weakening of tissues and muscles
  • Joint stiffness or inflammation
  • General weakness and fatigue

​Most people avoid fitness activities because of one of the above symptoms.  We can help you correct any physical difficulties you are having which are limiting or preventing your physical activities.

​We can help restore mobility in the spine and the joints, rebuild healthy tissues and increase the energy flow throughout your body.  Our programs will also improve your muscle flexibility and endurance.

Why focus on the nervous system?​

  • It’s the governing system, in other words, it runs the whole show.
  • It’s the fastest system: your nerves communicate throughout the body at lightning-fast speed. (The wonderful thing about this is if you impact the nervous system correctly, you can make nearly instantaneous changes in the body.)
  • It’s the most anatomically stable (the brain and nerves, etc. are always in the same place).
  • It’s the most functionally plastic system. Research has proven that the nervous system can continue to learn and adapt at any age, which means you can improve your body at any point in your life.

How does Z-Health target the nervous system?

Efficient movement patterns – Movement is the fastest way to communicate with the nervous system. Accurate body movement is the “brain-body” connection and lets your brain know where the body is in space, how fast it is moving, and what movements are safe. By re-training movement via dynamic joint mobility, and “waking up” the body’s nerve endings, you can help your body get out of pain and perform at your true potential.

Sensory integration training – The nervous system needs accurate information from the visual, vestibular (balance/spatial orientation), and proprioceptive (brain’s body map via nerves, etc.) systems; your body’s performance depends on this integration. Z-Health is unique in that it optimizes all three systems.

Continuous assessment – Everyone’s body is different, so we constantly assess what is making a positive impact on the nervous system and what is not. Only when joints, muscles, and other tissues are able to move throughout full ranges of motion; pain-free, will the nervous system release the governor on your performance.

Emphasis on joint mobility

​Specific and targeted joint movements are one of the best ways to communicate with the nervous system. The reason for this is that the joints have a very high concentration of nerve endings surrounding them that provide direct feedback to your nervous system. This feedback tells your body where it is in space, how fast it is moving, and what movements are safe.

Take control of your pain relief and performance

​By using the nervous system to eliminate poor movement patterns, you can create rapid improvements in your pain; opening up new doors for you to fully participate in and enjoy your life.