Brian Muccio in his studio.
Brian Muccio

My interest in movement began with the study of martial arts as a child. First starting off learning karate, and then going on to learn kung fu and tai chi. For the past two decades I have devoted my life to continuous study and development.

Position: Owner/Trainer

Experience: Over ten years

Qualifications: Master of movement

For the past several years, Brian has put his knowledge to use and has gotten excellent results working with clients and patients. He currently works for Tufts Medical School where he is a Mind-Body Consultant to the Department of Rheumatology. His past studies have focused on the impact of tai chi and movement on conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

In 2008, his approach to using his body began to change and advance. This came from the work of Dr. Eric Cobb, founder of Z-Health® Performance. Z-Health is a holistic and scientific approach to training that puts the client’s nervous system at the center of training rather than some pre-defined program, and allows a trained Z-Health professional to instantly assess whether what the client is doing is working for him or her, or not.

His approach to training clients is different. Individual training programs are designed based on each client’s goals and needs, and most importantly; how their body is responding.

Reducing compensation patterns and developing increased body awareness, coordination, and enhanced performance in areas of sport, recreation, work, and daily life activities is essential.

Credentials and Certifications

  • Movement Re-Education Specialist
  • Movement Integration Specialist
  • Movement Performance Specialist
  • Exercise Therapy Specialist
    Yang's Martial Arts Association
  • Tai Chi Instructor
  • Qigong Instructor
  • Chin Na Instructor
    National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CPT
    Movement Code Sports Science
  • Level II Kettlebell Trainer

Brian works with 8 general training domains

  1. Pain reduction and injury rehab
  2. Sports performance training
  3. Flexibility training
  4. Respiratory re-training
  5. Nutrition coaching
  6. Visual training
  7. Mind/Body training (tai chi, qigong, meditation)
  8. Strength training (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, body weight, etc.)

As we work together we will strengthen and condition your body utilizing a wide variety of tools. The end result will yield you more energy, less stress, increased pain-free movement and athleticism, increased strength, better posture, and enhanced neuro-muscular efficiency.