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Welcome to Body Movement Solutions

Customize Your Plan

Based on your goals, overall health, and time available we will formulate a plan for your success. We use movement templates and fitness assessments to make sure that your training process is on track and efficient.

Improve Performance

Continually improve your physical capacity by working at the outside edge of your potential. By working on a platform of solid movement skills, weight loss, strength, athleticism, better balance, endurance, and agility can be achieved.

Achieve Your Goals

Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. With the right training approach, you can continue to physically evolve and get better, at any age. Once you reach your goals we can help you stay fit and maintain your progress.

What We Do

We work with clients at all levels on a continuum of movement function and physical capacity.

Since movement is at the core of all exercise and activities, enhancing governance of movement and range of motion is key. Accuracy and “functional movement” starts with each joint being able to perform unrestricted and pain free, in all ranges of motion. Whether it’s injury rehabilitation, staying healthy and fit, or improving athletic skill, our approach will ensure continuous progress towards your goals.

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Our Services

Brian Muccio using performance enhancement exercises while working with a client.

Performance Enhancement

We offer a sports performance training that follows a comprehensive, systematic, and integrated training approach to help athletes at all levels achieve their desired performance goals.

Brian Muccio doing mobility drills with a senior client that is trying to improve the quality of her life.

Senior Fitness

Aging results from a complex interaction of lifestyle, environment, and genetics. We help older adults improve the quality, and potentially quality, of life by providing safe and effective exercise programs and advice about healthy lifestyle choices.

Brian Muccio using corrective exercise techniques on a client that is trying to improve the quality of his life.

Corrective Exercise

Due to past injuries, sedentary lifestyle, and repetitive stress; the body often creates movement compensations, postural deviations, and often pain. We use targeted, specific exercise prescriptions to help solve these issues if necessary.



National Academy of Sports Medicine Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise

Senior Fitness

Performance Enhancement


Z-Health® Performance Solutions Specialist

Movement Re-Education

Movement Integration

Movement Performance

Exercise Therapy


Yang’s Martial Arts Association

Tai Chi Instructor

Chi Kung Instructor

Chin Na Instructor


Mind-Body Consultant

Tufts Medical School, Department of Rheumatology

VA Boston Healthcare System

Our Clients

  • “I was dealing with a very bad bulging disc and pinched nerve issue in my lower back from an accident I had at my house. It was so bad I could hardly get through the day. A friend referred me to Brian and long story short – it took a lot of effort - but my back is totally recovered. Not only that but after the rehab phase, we started working on athleticism. I’ve always wanted to fence as child and now I’m fencing competitively on a national level.”

    Henri T. - MD., Age 48, Roslindale, MA
  • “I had very bad arthritis in my back and had to stop skiing, which is my passion. After working with Brian, I’m back on the slopes, and even teaching skiing again. I’m also able to work full days again in my shop – Amazing!”

    Jim K. - Musician, Age 60, Hyde Park, MA
  • “After a double hip replacement, I started doing sessions with Brian. He identified several muscle imbalances and compensations. He prescribed some exercises and it has helped a lot in my recovery and becoming active again.”

    Paul G. - HVAC Business Owner, Age 58, Nashua, NH
  • “I fell off my bike and broke my shoulder and went through physical therapy for a while, but didn’t get very good results. Thankfully I found Brian who greatly improved the strength and mobility of my shoulder to the point where I forgot I ever had an injury.”

    Nancy B. - Writer, Age 55, Jamaica Plain, MA

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